collect. combine. win.

Present Bounty Word
💰 187 SOL prize
Spell the word above to redeem
Mint a letter
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🏆 Rules

Mint Letters (5000 total)

  • Letter rarities are based on the frequency in the English language

Combine letters into words

  • Use your letters to form words

If you can spell the "bounty word" with your letters, you win

  • Bounty rewards are 75% of mint sale proceeds.
  • 10 bounty words will be up for grabs
  • A new word and its prize are released every 500 mints


  • A player will fill out a form claiming their bounty
  • Transactions timestamps will be checked on chain to verify the player is the first with these letters.
  • After confirmation, the player sends their letters to ABC.nft team wallet.
  • Player receives the bounty word NFT along with 187 SOL.

The game goes on

  • Create any combination of words or letters you desire
  • Buy, trade, or resell on the market
  • But be careful, letters are scarce
- Have the word? Redeem here 🥳

The Prizes
[6 Eth each]

*Revealed soon*

🎯 The Letters

Tier 1: Common

Tier 2: Uncommon

Tier 3: Rare

⛰️ Roadmap

Early Q1 2022 - Build community

Late Q1 2022 - Genesis ABC launch + up to 375 SOL in rewards dispersed among bounty winners

Q2 2022 - Second drop introducing new characters, artwork, and more prizes